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November 26th, 2007 · No Comments


The afternoon at DDD6 was a much less intense:

First up was ‘Stop showing me Silverlight, build something dammit’ presented by Chris Hay

I was really looking forward to this because the plan was to show how you can build a basic Silverlight app that hooks up with twitter in an hour. Personally I though this was a little ambitious for a one hour presentation but I think Chris almost pulled it off. It was pretty obvious that he was a little nervous at the start (problems with the mic didn’t help things). I enjoyed the content, even if it was a little code heavy and had lots of dashing between various areas which did make it hard to follow, but as this was one of the main sessions I wanted to see I got over the minor presentation issues and stayed focused on the session. From my position at the back I could see others didn’t, which I thought was rather rude to the presenter. He’s obviously put a lot of effort in taking time out to come here (on a Saturday!) and try to share some knowledge with us so the least we can do as a COMMUNITY is give him our full attention. Anyway I enjoyed it and hope he’s not put off by the hiccups in the session.

After the final break it was a toss up as to whether I would go to the ‘How to build a Facebook app’ session or ‘Swaggily Fortunes’. In the end the swag won as I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with what I’d seen earlier and the Facebook stuff really isn’t that hard to pick up.

So off to ‘Swaggily Fortunes’ I went!

This was a nice change and I got to see a lighter side of some of the presenters (who mostly stood by the doors and provided the requisite heckles!) Bagged myself a t-shirt or two and had a good laugh.

A good end to what for me was a very good first DDD! Many thanks to the organisers of it all and all the presenters I saw, your hard work was very much appreciated and I’ll definitely be signing up for the next one when it happens. Hopefully they’ll have wi-fi for us by then (hint, hint…)

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